Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Overview of technologies used so far

There are a number of application that work well on there own and are great for the purpose they are designed for. However everything links together some how and understanding how applications work on their own is only the start of things.

Whilst I have been learning about a number new applications, I have also been looking at how applications can work with each other to give an end to end feel of how certain Internet businesses or back end technologies really work.

There are hundreds or some times thousands of different way in which applications can link with each other within a business or over the Internet. Whether it be using a different storage database at the back end or it be writing a front end client in a different language, I have been documenting a number of working solutions already in my blog

Some of the technologies I have learnt and experimented successfully with are as follows:

1. Grails application deployed into Glassfish application server, using PostgreSQL as a database. Then using tools such as PGAdmin to connect to my databases locally on my machine.

2. Ejabberd Instant Messaging server installed on a server instance in the cloud, configured to use postgreSQL as a data source. Then using PSI Desktop chat client to connect with Ejabberd account. Tools such as PGAdmin can also be used here to view the back end database, tables and structure.

To further extend this learning experience I then created a basic Android XMPP client application that could also connect to the Ejabberd Server instance.

A lot of different technologies going on here and a lot to learn about the applications alone if you've never used any of these. However once you see how all these work together you get a greater appreciation of how the end to end user experience works.

Remember for some instructions on how to use these check out my previous posts

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