Saturday, 4 December 2010

Using PSI chat client to access Ejabberd Chat messaging server

PSI is one of many jabber/XMPP clients available across the net. You can use these type of clients to test connectivity to or use functions available on most instant messaging server instances; in this case ejabberd.

1. Firstly ensure ejabberd is running on the server and there is a user account you can log in with.

use ./ejabberdctl [start/stop/status] to view status or start instance

use ./ejabberdctl register username password to register a new user

2. Install PSI from source or package

Cross platform support available from

3. Launch PSI, add a new account, ensuring you fill in the following fields:

jabber id - this is the account you create on the ejabberd server.
password - corresponding password with above account

under connection settings:
specify server IP address or host name, ensuring you complete the port number; usually 5222

4. Save all settings and view the account in PSI application.
Change status to online.

5. Test chat to another user using same method of setup above, or log into web admin page of ejabberd server at http://SERVERIP:5280/admin to confirm successfully connectivity.

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